The most versatile fuel product we offer, propane gas also called bottled gas, liquefied petroleum or LPG, is non-toxic and colorless. It has an identifying odor, so that it can be detected when leaking. Propane meets the standards set by the federal Clean Air Act for reducing air pollution in urban areas.

Propane’s versatility, ease of transport and affordability make it an ideal fuel source for homes and business’s. Uses of propane gas include; heating for both central air and boiler systems, hot water heat, space heat and fireplaces, swimming pool heating, cooking and grilling appliances, clothes drying, and automotive applications.

Advantages of Propane Gas

  • Safe and easy to install in any home
  • A very efficient fuel, it heats quickly
  • Generally less expensive than electricity

Broedel Fuel Group proudly offers Propane Gas delivery and service to residential, business and farm customers alike. We are equipped to provide delivery and service for a wide range of requests from heating your home or business to wholesale utilization.

As a Broedel Fuel Group Propane Gas Customer you receive:

    • Free Tank Set
    • Free Safety Check and Leak Test
    • No Tank or Regulator Rental Fee
    • No Delivery Fee
    • Automatic Delivery
    • Price Protection Programs Available
    • 24/7 Emergency Service

    You can rest assured that propane supplied by Broedel Fuel Group is safe and reliable.

    Delivery Options

    Automatic Delivery

    Take the worry out of having to keep track of when you need a delivery, let our experience take care of that for you. Automatic delivery is where we keep track of when you need a delivery based on our calculations of degree days for fuel oil, kerosene, blend and propane gas based upon each customer’s historical consumption patterns and prevailing weather conditions. Automatic Delivery is a popular choice for many of our customers.

    Will Call Delivery

    Will Call deliveries is an option that allows you to keep track of when you want a delivery of product. With this option, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact us when you want your tanks filled. We ask that if you chose to be on a Will Call basis, we would like a minimum of 48-hours’ notice to schedule your delivery. With the Will Call delivery option the minimum delivery that we will make is 125 gallons.

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