Fuel Oil & Kerosene

Broedel Fuel Group offer both fuel oil and kerosene, two of the most popular types of heating products in the Northeast, for homes, businesses, and agricultural use.

#2 Fuel Oil or Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel Oil is a very common heating source in our area. We recommend that you use fuel oil if your fuel tank is inside your basement or sheltered from the elements. More homes rely on the comfort and savings of oil heat for their homes. Today’s oil is well refined, clean and efficient. Most oil burning heating systems on the market today have 85-95% efficiency rating, meaning for every dollar you spend, 85-95 cents worth of heat or hot water is delivered within your home.

Advantages of Fuel Oil

  • Clean and efficient
  • Safe and non-explosive
  • Warm & cozy – Oil heat flames burn 300 degrees hotter than natural gas heating your home faster
  • Economical – costs are consistently lower than natural gas or electricity
  • No delivery fee
  • Automatic delivery
  • Price protection programs available
  • 24/ 7 emergency service

Dyed Kerosene

    If your tank is exposed to the elements, we suggest using kerosene to avoid any gelling issues the fuel oil may encounter in cold temperatures. For this reason, kerosene is a popular choice in the colder climate. Broedel Fuel Group offers delivery of dyed kerosene for your home or business.

    Advantages of Kerosene

    • Clean burning, produces less fumes in its paraffin form and is better to burn than coal or wood
    • Kerosene has a long shelf life and is easier to store for longer periods of time
    • Does not gel in cold temperatures
    • No Delivery Fee
    • Automatic Delivery
    • Price Protection Programs Available
    • 24/7 Emergency Service

    Fuel Oil & Dyed Kerosene Blend

    We appreciate that the price of kerosene is not within everyone’s budget. Therefore, we offer a blend of fuel oil and dyed kerosene as a more affordable alternative. 

    Contact us for more details on our blend.

    Delivery Options

    Automatic Delivery

    Take the worry out of having to keep track of when you need a delivery, let our experience take care of that for you. Automatic delivery is where we keep track of when you need a delivery based on our calculations of degree days for fuel oil, kerosene, blend and propane gas based upon each customer’s historical consumption patterns and prevailing weather conditions. Automatic Delivery is a popular choice for many of our customers.

    Will Call Delivery

    Will Call deliveries is an option that allows you to keep track of when you want a delivery of product. With this option, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact us when you want your tanks filled. We ask that if you chose to be on a Will Call basis, we would like a minimum of 48-hours’ notice to schedule your delivery. With the Will Call delivery option the minimum delivery that we will make is 125 gallons.

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