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Broedel Fuel Group offers its customers fuel pricing program options to protect against high fuel costs. We understand that this is a major investment you are making into keeping you and your family, warm, comfortable and worry-free. This is why we offer the following pricing options for Propane Gas, Fuel Oil, Kerosene and Blend.

Online Bill Pay

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Pay for your entire year’s fuel usage in one payment, securing your price per gallon and rest easy knowing you are covered for the heating season. With a pre-pay plan, we offer our lowest price per gallon for paying in full up front.

Monthly Budgets

Conveniently spread the cost of your annual fuel use out over 12 monthly payments. Make one payment each month to avoid a high delivery bill when you least expect it. Enjoy the security of knowing what you are going to spend and what the cost of your fuel will be with a monthly budget plan.


Pricing Options

Fixed Price

A fixed price option is exactly as it sounds. The price per gallon of fuel oil, kerosene, blend or propane under a fixed price does not change during the time frame of the purchase agreement. It remains the same from the start date to the end date, or until all contract gallons are delivered, whichever comes first.

Capped Price

The price per gallon of fuel oil, kerosene, blend or propane under a capped price program will not exceed the capped price rate per gallon during the contract period. If Broedel Fuel Groups cash price declines below the capped rate during the time of the purchase agreement, Broedel Fuel Groups prevailing cash price per gallon will be charged (no additional discounts apply). A capped price program commences on the start date and ends on the end date, or when all contracted gallons are delivered, whichever comes first.

Both of the Fixed Price and Capped Price options can be used for a Pre-Pay or Monthly Budget Program. With any pricing option, a signed purchase agreement is required.

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