Broedel Fuel Group History

With the aspiration of being a contract fuel hauler, Jason Broedel, who at the time was working as a paramedic wanted a different challenge in life but also wanted to carry on the legacy of the Broedel name. Jason wanted to be a contract fuel hauler and applied for a position with a regional fuel company. As fate would have it, Jason was not chosen for the position, but this did not stop him from reaching his goal. In the fall of 2001 Jason established Broedel Fuel Group.

Growing up in Hubbardsville, NY the home heating industry was nothing new to Jason or his family. Jason's Grandfather, Jake Broedel was a contact fuel hauler and sold Jason his first oil truck. Jason's dad Bruce Broedel is well known in the area and was the inspiration for Jason to get involved in the industry.

As a youngster Jason spent every school break and summer vacation going to work with his dad to delivery fuel oil. Being a contract hauler, meant that his dad had his own truck and delivered product to the AGWAY customers. It was inspiring to see how hard his father worked and what care he gave to all of the customers that he delivered to. Jason knew he wanted to do the same thing just with his own customers.

When asked why he started his own business Jason responds, "I started the company because I wanted to provide quality service at reasonable rates to my community and surrounding communities. I was sick of the big companies taking advantage of my neighbors and I felt I could deliver a stronger service to them at a lower rate."

Jason adds, "I knew I had a drive and always wanted to be an entrepreneur, it has been full of learning experiences both good and bad, but we strive to improve each day."

Jason's dad Bruce has always been his role model and mentor and is involved in the daily operations of the business.

In August of 2017 Broedel Fuel Group purchased Ferguson Fuels of West Winfield, NY, expanding their coverage of the local area.

Our goal is to continue to grow and expand with our outstanding customer service. We are an example that there are still companies that actually care about their customers.

Jason adds this message, "to a new potential customer, try us just once and then you will know what all of our existing customers realize. That we are a company that actually cares about you and your well-being."

To our current customers, "thank you for your continued service with us. We will continue to strive to improve your experience with us and if there is ever any kind of problem or question we are only a phone call away."

"From Our Family to Yours" is not just a slogan it is our way of life.