Diesel Fuels & Gasoline

Delivering diesel fuel

Need to power your farm equipment or your hard working fleet vehicles, Broedel Fuel Group can keep you moving. Don't lose time or money on the farm or on the job site waiting for your next diesel or gasoline delivery, call us to find out how we can keep you on your work schedule.

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Ultra low sulfur diesel

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) or better known as On Road Diesel is the fuel that keeps our fleet of trucks along with thousands of others moving up and down our highways. On Road Diesel is specifically blended and monitored for vehicles that are licensed for highway operation. We can deliver to your agricultural or commercial business 150-gallons to as much as 2800-gallons.

Off road diesel

Do you own a tractor, bulldozer or other diesel operated piece of equipment that is not for on road use? Then you need off road diesel. Off road diesel can also be used in generators or other heavy agricultural and commercial applications. Designed today with a 15ppm low sulfur content for cleaner emissions, off road diesel keeps our construction, agricultural and commercial accounts on the move at the job.

At no additional charge we provide Power Service additive.

Power Service Products is the leading manufacturer of the most technologically advanced diesel fuel additives available in the marketplace today. Whether you operate a diesel-powered car, truck, tractor or boat, Power Service has the products to fit your needs. Additionally, Power Service diesel additives are used by more large fleets and fuel marketers than any other additive.


Broedel Fuel Group offers for delivery Regular Unleaded (87 Octane) Mid-Grade (89 Octane) and Premium (93 Octane) Gasolines.

We also offer for delivery Non Ethanol (91) Octane Gasoline.